The daunting task of watching Satellite TV should not be underestimated. Here’s some pointers.


The DISH remote controls the DISH Satellite and some tv basics.

Turn on the tv using the red TV button.


If you channels are missing, press the blue GUIDE button on the DISH remote until you see "All Sub" (all subscribed). 


If you see “No Signal” on the screen, set the tv to HDMI1 input:

Press the white TV button.Press the gray INPUT button until HDMI1 is highlighted.

Press the round blue SELECT button.

Press the white SAT button on the DISH remote. If the satellite was not already showing a channel, it should now.

The blue up/down arrow buttons on the DISH remote change satellite channels. You can also type in a number.


If you get lost in satellite menus, press the larger red POWER button, then press it again to turn Dish back on.




Sometimes the satellite loses reception gives its own “No Signal” or “Acquiring satellite signal” message:

Try leaving it alone for 10-15 minutes to sort itself out.


If that fails, try unplugging the Dish receiver for 2 minutes, then plugging it back in.

If that fails, call Dish Network at 1-800-333-3474

account # 8255909550278458

pin #: 1234

account holder: Albert Calleros

service address: 64577 Cactus Drive, Joshua Tree, CA, 92252

associated phone #: 818-430-0123


If the extra speakers have been left on, and you’d like them off, manually turn off the Technics AV Stereo Receiver.