Our guests are always very respectful, but the potential for problem incidents require us to be specific with what is expected. 



No vehicular off-roading activity. Off-roading is illegal outside of designated OHV areas. 

Fires must be in enclosed fire pit and on non-windy nights. Otherwise, you may get a hefty fine from the Highway Patrol.

Please do not touch tortoises. Touching (or especially moving) can cause death, as they expel their water reserve from fright. 


Drive slow on the dirt roads so as not to kick up too much dust. Pull out onto the highway at an even pace (not "peeling out") to keep the sand/asphalt transition good.


Noise carries surprisingly long distances in the desert. Outdoor quiet hours are 10:00 PM to 11:30 AM, and at all times when the other cabin is occupied. Loud noise (amplified music/shouting/tools) during this time must be kept indoors with doors and windows closed.

No vehicular off-roading activity.


No fireworks of any kind. 


No shooting. It is illegal to discharge firearms on the property. 

No drone flying 20+ meters outside of your cabin's lateral area. 

No hitting golf balls.


No taking anything from the landscape.

No parties / gatherings / uncleared visitors.  Only the number of guests indicated on the reservation are allowed to stay. 

No RV's allowed on property (unless it's your mode of transportation).


No cats. Please keep dogs off furniture unless you bring your own sheets/blankets/doggy beds to protect ours. 

Please clean and put away dishes. Put furniture where you found it. Leave the house in the same condition (we won't complain if it's even better) as when you arrived. 

Let us know if you arrive to damaged items. You pay for broken or damaged items during your stay (i.e. broken glasses, burned frying pan, stained towels). Report any damage immediately as we will need time to find a replacement for the next guests. 

No smoking indoors. Place cigarette butts in fire pits or, preferably, douse and put in trash. 

Any cost incurred by a visit from the fire department for a guest-caused incident is to be paid by the guest. 



No photography / filming / video except for personal use is permitted on the premises. 

For guest security and property protection, the exterior central area / gate of the property is under security video camera surveillance. There is also a wildlife camera on the self-filling water bowl behind the old truck.

No third party bookings. 


Cancellation fees apply. 

Violation of these rules subject to additional fees, immediate expulsion, and/or legal action. 



Thank you!