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What is your rental policy / house rules?

We know that our guests are very respectful of the property, but the potential for problem incidents require us to be specific with what is expected. The policy is here.

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is after 3:00pm and Check-out is 11:00am unless special arrangements are made prior to your arrival.



Can I get an early check-in or late check-out?

We can only answer this question the day before you arrive (regarding early check-in) and the day before you leave (regarding early check-out). Depending on other guest arrivals/departures and our caretaker.


How can I pay?

​We take credit cards via VRBO, AirBnb or Paypal.
Paypal lets anyone with an email address securely send and receive online payments using a credit card or bank account. If you prefer to pay by personal check, make it payable to "Albert Calleros" and mail it to:

Albert Calleros
13219 Cumpston Street
Sherman Oaks, CA 91401

We typically collect the full amount up front, but a 50% deposit can be arranged.
The balance (if any) is due one week prior to stay.


Can I just give you my credit card info?

Sorry, no. We will send you an email request from Paypal. Paypal accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Debit cards (also known as bank cards) are accepted if they have a Visa or MasterCard logo. You do not have to join Paypal to make a payment.


What is your cancellation policy?

A minimum of 15 days notice of cancellation required for full refund.

Cancellations withi 14-8 days of your arrival are subject to a 20% fee of the full rental price.
Cancellations within 7 days are subject to a 40% fee of the full rental price.

Can I invite friends over?

No visitors are allowed without prior consent. Guest numbers are confirmed by security cameras and caretaker.

Do you allow weddings, parties, gatherings?

Sorry, no.


What is the difference between the cabins?

The Cactus Flower cabin is situated with a better view of the park's boundary. The Roadrunner cabin is roomier, with an extra screened "studio" space. Cactus Flower is sunnier and brighter while the Roadrunner is more rustic and nicely moody. Neither cabin has a private bedroom, though the Roadrunner has a defined bed space. The Cactus Flower is like a studio apartment, where the living room and bedroom are one. The Roadrunner's living room and bedroom areas are separate. Couples tend to choose the Cactus Flower more often than the Roadrunner.



How far apart and private are the two cabins?

The cabins are about 100 feet apart with a shift in elevation as well. You really have to go out of your way to notice the other guests in their cabin. While most of the land is shared, each cabin has its own private outdoor space to the rear, away from the sight of the other cabin, and all of our guests have been great about giving each other privacy. In short, you can see as little of the other guests as you want.



Are you totally away from civilization?

We are a great place to get away from it all without being a pain in the butt to actually get to places (4 minute drive to downtown Joshua Tree). We are off of a little-travelled dirt road, but close to Highway 62. The government allows one house per 2.5 acres in this area, so a few houses dot the landscape. if you're looking for a total escape from civilization, we may not 100% suit your needs. That said, all of our guests so far have seem pleased with the very high ratio of nature and peace.

Are there security cameras on the premises?

Yes. All cameras are outdoors.



Why is your address 64577 Cactus Drive, but there is no Cactus Drive there?

This is one of those quirky desert dirt road phenomenon. If you look at a map of the surrounding areas, Cactus Drive starts and stops (running East-West) in fits along Highway 62. We're guessing that the plan was to make Cactus Drive continuous. For now, it makes more sense to say that we are on Sunkist Road, at approximately the 6600 address.



How close are the neighbors?

The closest house is about 200-250 yards away. Unless someone else is staying at the ranch, the chances of you coming across any humanity is slim. We never see any locals walking the desert, so it's very easy to feel a nice sense of solitude. Many guests tell us that we have the perfect balance of peace and accessibility.



How loud Is the traffic noise?

We have had only one complaint about traffic noise in the ten+ years that Green Acres has been hosting happy travelers. We're located about 1/8 mile from the 62 Hwy, and there are certain hours of the day when the traffic sound is more noticeable than a low background hum. All other nearby roads are dirt with minimal travelers. The rear outdoor area of the Roadrunner cabin is most susceptible. The Cactus Flower cabin is a bit quieter, with its rear outdoor area facing the mountains. ​


If you are hyper-sensitive to traffic noise, you may want to choose a rental further from the highway.



How many rooms and beds do the cabins have?

The Cactus Flower cabin is spatially like a studio arrangement. The living room and bedroom are one and the same, complemented by a small sitting area, bathroom and kitchen. Couples tend to enjoy the cozy and lighter feeling of the Cactus Flower, and three people would definitely be a crowd. 

The Roadrunner cabin (booked through December 2013-sorry!) has one bed, a couch, and an inflatable mattress. If the back pillows from the couch are removed, it becomes nearly the size and shape of a twin bed. The cabin is set up in a such a way that the bedroom, kitchen/dining area and living area are like a chain of open space, which unfortunately means that there is not much privacy within the cabin, aside from the bathroom. There is a large separate room which we call the art studio, but it is essentially a screened-in, enclosed area with a pebble floor. People enjoy the more rustic and spacious nature of the Roadrunner.



Are your cabins close to Joshua Tree National Park?

​Yes. Park Blvd is a four minute drive away, and the West Entrance Station (booth) is about 10 minutes up Park... so 14 minutes total drive. You can also just walk up the dirt road and into the north boundary of the park from our property (for free) in less than 20 minutes. No dogs, horses or vehicles allowed.



Can I or should I bring children?

We generally discourage guests from bringing children because of the harshness of the desert environment and the somewhat rustic nature of the cabins. Though we keep them nice and tidy, a curious kid might put his hand into a crevice with a hiding spider or wayward scorpion. Also, because the cabins have wood-burining stoves, they present a burning hazard to children. Outside, the desert presents a variety of natural dangers...stinging and biting critters, thorny cacti and splinters, firepits, and a drowning-hazard pond. So unless you can keep a 100% watchful eye on the children, we think that Green Acres Ranch is best for adults.



Is there a fence for my dogs?

The 2 1/2 acre area surrounding the cabins is fenced as a whole, but this is not controllable when boths cabins are occupied. The Cactus Flower cabin doesn't have its own fenced area. The Roadrunner cabin does have its own dedicated "backyard" fence to keep non high-jumpers corraled.



Are pets allowed indoors?

Dog guests must be people and dog-friendly. Dogs are free to wander outdoors. We want to keep our interiors as clean as possible, so only house-trained dogs are allowed indoors. We ask that pets not be allowed on the furniture. We encourage dog owners to bring doggy beds.



Where can I take my dogs?

Dogs are allowed in the national park, but must stay in the car or leashed and within 100 feet of the vehicle roads. You can walk into the north edge of the park with your pup, and the chances of anyone seeing it (or much less, giving you trouble for it) are almost zero.

You can go to the Joshua Tree Lake with your dogs, but it is very generous to call it a "lake". It costs $5 per person to enter.

Other places you can wander with your dog (we think): Desert Christ Park in Yucca Valley, Giant Rock in Landers (lots of space to wander around), developed campground areas in the park or at Indian Cove (on a leash), 


Pie for the People (great pizza in our opinion) allows dogs in their courtyard area.


Joshua Tree Saloon is also an option, but you will be limited to their front porch area, and are not allowed to drink alcohol out there. Dogs are also allowed in their new rear outdoor area, but it is only open on busy weekends.


Crossroads Cafe, perhaps the best known Joshua Tree restaurant, doesn't allow dogs, but you could ask to eat on their porch area and tie your dog to the fence/sidewalk adjoining the porch (you'd be on one side of the fence and the pup would be on the other).


The Natural Sisters Cafe is a small vegetarian place with tables out front, but you must physically hold the dog's leash there, because they have had too many incidents of tables and chairs flying off with excited dogs.


Though not a restaurant, the farmers market on Saturday allows dogs.


Pappy and Harriet's is not in Joshua Tree, but it is a great music/bbq venue and has a back patio area where dogs are allowed. It's a 20+ minute drive from the property, but well worth a dinner visit.

What type of stove does the kitchen have? 

The oven/stove is standard-sized electric model. We know that many foodies love to cook with gas, but it unfortunately just isn't a viable option where we're located. However, we've heard from many guests that they had no problems making scrumptious meals (even for Thanksgiving) at our lil' ranch!



What type of bbq grill situation is going on? 

We have a standard charcoal weber grill. Please bring charcoal. We do have a charcoal "chimney starter", which makes starting charcoals easy with just paper (eliminates need for liquid fuel). But you should bring paper (non-glossy newspaper, etc) just in case.



How much water should we bring/drink?

No matter which season, you should always have a generous amount of water or other non-diuretic liquids. Our property is fed by a well only, and the water is delicious! We have tested it for pH, alkinity, chlorine, hardness, iron, copper, nitrates, and nitrites, and it grades perfect or nearly perfect on all counts. 


But do play it safe and bring bottled water anyway. You should try to drink at least a gallon of water per day. If you go hiking or biking, it is suggested by the park rangers to take along two gallons per person (how this is done in practice, we have no idea).



What about air conditioning?​

The cabins are cooled by evaporative coolers, or "Swamp Coolers". They are essentially large fans which draw air through water-cooled screens, then push the cooled air through the cabins. They'll ever make the cabins ice-cold like normal air-conditioners, but they can make even the hottest days pretty pleasant. The "bedroom" area of the Roadrunner cabin has a dedicated air conditioner/heater called a "mini-split".



Swimming pool?

We do not have a swimming pool. However, Joshua Tree Inn usually allows day use (from 3pm to 8pm) of their beautiful pool for $10 per person per day. They require a signed waiver. We say "usually allow" because the policy can always change. Please call ahead at 760-366-1188. The Inn is a 6-minute drive, at 61259 29 Palms Highway.


We also have a COWBOY TUB behind each cabin. Nothing is quite as relaxing as a nice soak in the “cowboy tub”, so kick off your boots, and drop into a cool repurposed horse water trough!  We were going to retire the cowboy tubs due to drought issues and the fragile nature of our particular water supply, but we have come up with what we think is a good compromise: If you use the tub, you have entered into a PINKY PROMISE with us to water all the plants close to the cabin afterwards.



What about heating?

Each cabin has an antique wood-burning parlor stove. Firewood for indoor heating is provided. Each cabin's bed area is also equipped with a dedicated Mitsubishi "Mini-Split" air conditioner/heater , which make sleeping comfy no matter what the weather's like outside. Portable electric heaters are also available in each cabin. The coldest winter nights can still be a little chilly in in parts of the cabin, so do bring some nice warm pj's!



Is there Wifi?

Yes. Our provider is Mojave Wifi. This is wireless internet (not DSL, CABLE, FIOS or SAT) and is suitable for regular web surfing, but not heavy-duty (ie movie watching) bandwith needs. Our rule of thumb: if Wifi is crucial to you, we aren't yet a good fit for you.



Are there phones in the cabins?

No. AT&T, Sprint and Verizon get signal. Cell phone service is not very available within the Park.



Do you provide linens and towels?

Yes, plus soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion.



Is there maid or room service?

No. While this isn't exactly "roughing it", it is a bit rustic. For stays of 7 days or longer, our caretaker will clean the cabin at your request and replace your towels (once every 7 days).



Can I set off Fireworks?

No please. It's illegal.

Can I shoot guns?

Shooting is prohibited, as it is illegal here and annoys our neighbors. It is illegal to discharge firearms on the property or in BLM land near the house. The only legal areas to shoot are in Wonder Valley, east of 29 Palms, north of Amboy Rd and South of Hwy 63. There is a shooting range in Morongo Valley. There is an area east of the dry lakebed by the JT Campground which is illegal but many people go there to shoot.



Is there WIFI?

Yes. Our provider is Mojave Wifi. This is wireless internet (not DSL, CABLE, FIOS or SAT) and is suitable for regular web surfing, but not heavy-duty bandwith needs.



Is there outdoor seating?

There are lounge chairs, a picnic bench and lawn chairs behind each cabin.



How close is Joshua Tree from Palm Springs/Palm Desert?

Generally a forty-five minute drive will put you anywhere in Palm Springs or Palm Desert.


What is the best time of year to visit Joshua Tree?

Late September through early June are considered fine times to visit the park. Visit in late March or early April to see the blooming flowers in the park.

Where can you hike and climb?

Joshua Tree National Park is a mecca for rock climbing. The hiking is great too! Try these resources for info:


Joshua Tree Visitor Center


6554 Park Boulevard, Joshua Tree, CA 92256

Open: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Oasis Visitor Center in Twentynine Palms


Oasis Visitor Center

74485 National Park Drive, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

Open: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm


Also, check out Joshua Tree Rock Climbing School for info on rock climbing.



Is there a gas station and grocery stores nearby?

There is a gas station within 5 minutes. There are several grocery stores and two large department stores within 15 minutes of the ranch. Locally, Joshua Tree offers a small health food store, convenience stores and liquor stores.



Are there restaurants and shops in the area?

There are several restaurants and shops in the village of Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley. Night life and a movie theater can be enjoyed in Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley, all within 15 minutes. See our Restaurants page for some choices.



Is there a golf course in the area?

The Roadrunner Dunes Golf Course (760-367-5770) in 29 Palms is open. Also, the Palm Desert area and Palm Springs offer many golf courses.


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