You could theoretically come with nothing, and just drink our fine well water to survive. But if you want to be more comfortable, here are some suggestions.

bottled water: 2 gallons per person per day.

Our well water is great, but it's always a good idea to be safe.



It's sunny out here.


cooking oil

We generally don't have any persihables on hand. You can count on us for  table salt, pepper, a few other random spices, and sugar.


briquets and newspaper (or a reasonable substitute)

We have the classic briquet style barbeque. Bring briquets, and If you bring newspaper, you won't need to buy bbq lighter fluid, because our starter chimney needs only paper to light your coals.



If you want to have outdoor pit fires, please bring wood. You can purchase a bundle for about $7 at several spots along the way to the ranch from the west, including various grocery stores, Mike's Liquor, and Circle K. We do provide some firewood for indoor heating only.


beach towels

We provide bathing towels, but if you like to lay out in the sun, beach towels are nice.



You'll probably not need a jacket on summer nights, but you never know how cold it can get in the other seasons.


sensible shoes

Bring shoes that you can imagine hiking in.



If you're a wildlife lover, bring some bird seed to attract some friends.