If power goes off to the entire ranch, nothing can be done until DWP fixes the wider issue. However, power loss to specific outlets/switches of the cabin can happen when using multiple high-energy appliances simultaneously. The space heater, toaster, coffee maker, and microwave are the usual suspects. When a few of these simultaneously operate on the same series of plugs, that circuit will shut off to prevent a fire. You'll need to visit the circuit breaker box out in front of the cabin.


Inside the circuit box are various numbered switches, called ”circuit breakers”. The breakers divide/control electricity flow from Edison to various parts of the cabin.


1. Unplug the heater/toaster/clothes iron that were on (heat-producing items are usually the culprit).

2. Refer to the circuit breaker box diagram below to find the circuit breaker for the failed outlets/switch.

3. Flip up the access lid of the circuit box. They do not operate very smoothly, by the way.


4. Locate the correct switch.

5. Flip the switch all the way to “off” for two secs, then flip it back to “on”.

6. Close the circuit box.

7. Test the outlet to see if it has power again.


If it doesn’t, either the wrong circuit was chosen or the outlet/wiring itself has failed.

Use a different outlet as a temporary remedy.